Suspicious activity

Take note of those taking notes

Be on the lookout for anyone taking videos, photos, drawing diagrams or even taking lots of notes about their surroundings.

Questioning security

Report anyone who is inquiring about security operations at a facility, or seems overly curious about procedures.

Truth behind a false alarm

Often, fire or door security alarms are accidentally set off but if you see someone recording the response time, or paying very close attention to what happens after the alarm goes off, report this activity right away.

Same place, different day

A person (or persons) who are standing, sitting or even parked in the same spot over a period of days is unusual.

This is a no drone zone

Nothing is authorized to fly around our facilities, so if you look up and notice a drone, look around for security to alert.

Security equipment that’s not secure

Cameras, alarms or other security measures that have been disabled or tampered with are definitely something to report immediately.

Coming and going

Lots of contractors and maintenance crews pass through our facilities but if you see someone unauthorized or a sudden change to the usual faces something could be up.

Outside the lines

If you see someone avoiding security lines or trying to sneak past the TSA at the airport, they could be heading for trouble.

Attention please

Creating a distraction is a strategy used to get attention away from something else. If you see a fuss about to happen, look everywhere else, too.

Peculiar practice

People moving into a type of formation, moving things discreetly or appearing to be doing a ‘trial run’ might have a plan that needs to be stopped.

Not quite right

Scan your space for anyone out of place

Report seeing a person who doesn’t seem to belong, whether because of how they act or what they’re wearing (like heavy, bulky coats or clothing on a hot day).

Sniff out danger

While there are all kinds of smells around, if you get a whiff of a chemical odor it’s important to let security know right away.

Drop the weapons

Anyone armed with a gun or other kind of weapon is dangerous. Report right away.

Visible vehicles

Keep an eye out for cars parked far from exits and entrances when closer spots are available. Weighted down trunks, obscured license plates or vendor signage that doesn’t make sense are also noteworthy!

Is that yours?

Unattended boxes, bags, strollers, suitcases or anything else should be reported right away. If someone asks you to watch their item, say no. And make sure to keep your bags with you at all times, too.

A window watch-out

Windows that are not normally open or appear to have been tampered with are a cause for concern.

A strange shape is strange

A very bulky or especially weirdly shaped package could be the start of something suspicious.

Serious baggage

Luggage that seems unusually heavy or looks to be seriously overloaded could contain something that needs a further investigation by security.

Cooking up trouble

Be on the lookout for anyone traveling with or leaving behind uncommon electronics or small appliances, bombs are often made from everyday things like crock pots.

Wheels are spinning

Vehicles that have obscured license plates or peculiar logos and signs are questionable, as are any trucks, cars or vans that have very loaded down (heavy) backs and trunks.

Weird is weird

Trust your instincts. If something just seems out of the ordinary and different from every other day you commute, let the police know. You spend a lot of time traveling through facilities and your sense of something being ‘off’ is an important asset for our security team.

Look out for yourself & others

Know where to go

It’s important to have an idea of where exits and staircases are in any open area. Be aware of large objects that could block paths and think about the easiest way to exit your area if the need should arise.

Speak body language

A person who has clenched fists, is profusely sweating, fidgeting and avoiding eye contact could very well be a nervous traveler—but it could also be someone about to commit a serious crime. If you see someone clearly uncomfortable, you should feel that way too and alert security.

Eyes on disguise

A person hiding behind sunglasses, hoodies, caps, even wigs or unofficial security uniforms is often a sign of someone up to no good.

Be alert

Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Criminals often confront people who appear distracted, so notice those who notice you.

Watch your stuff

Never leave your belongings unattended. Carry wallets, handbags and backpacks securely. Use the inside pocket of a jacket or the front pocket of your pants.

Don't be flashy

Keep jewelry covered whenever possible. Beware of pickpockets and thieves.

Distribute your wealth

Don’t carry a lot of cash. Divide what you have between your purse, pocket and wallet.

Scan your surroundings and report anything suspicious.
Notify a Port Authority Police Officer or call

(800) 828-7273

Click here to learn more about active shooter response.